Camera, Lights, Action!

It has been a while since my last blog and April showers have hit hard and now we are in May, heading towards the Bank Holiday weekend.
I had a session with a new client this week and as we chatted he told me why he was investing this time in himself.
This is how he explained it;

I get up and go to work
I spend time at the gym
I eat fresh organic food
I have great family and friends
I am fit and healthy
I have expensive holidays
I am very fourtunate, so why I am getting no return on my investments?
My life seems to play like groundhog day!
I dont want to be in this movie any more.

We look at each other and I think about my reply.

I need to share with you that this client is a iMA High Green, he completed the online questionnaire before our session.
See what colour you are here

Characteristics of a High Green are they are process driven, organised, wonderful problem solvers, diplomatic but dont like surprises.
Bearing this is mind, my reply is lets make a new film, write a new script and search for new performers or locations.

A quizzical look creeps across his face, and as this thought beds in I ask what is his favourite film?
His response is immediate, The Bourne Identity because he likes the pace of the story, identifies with the central character and the need to know why Jason Bourne behaves the way he does.

So we set to work writing a new script in which my client is not an extra but the Jason Bourne of his own movie.
He becomes animated and connected to the task, stepping tentatively into someone else’s shoes and assuming their identity.
I can see that this shift has given him permission to change the order of things and to improve how he sees his life.

Remembering that we own the rights to our personal movie is essential to our self esteem, confidence and keeping us motivated.
We can be the Director, the Producer or the Writer – now go make a blockbuster!

Popcorn is on me!

P.S. This was written with my clients permission.
He decided that if his journey in someway helps someone else, so be it.